Chase Routing Number California (CA) | California Chase Bank Routing Number

Do you want to make a financial transaction which includes bank account of chase bank California? If yes, then you would need Chase routing number for California. We know that you have been looking for California Chase routing number that’s why We have written this article in which you will get Chase routing number CA. You don’t need to search for it anywhere else. Because you can find your Chase Bank California Routing Number here only.

Not only Chase bank routing number California but also you will get postal codes of the branches and their locations. You just need to keep on reading this article in order to know all the chase routing number of California.

Before proceeding to the Chase routing number of CA, let’s know some facts about California. California has 39.5M resident living there and it is the third largest state by Area in the nation of the United States. Sacramento city is the capital of California. In this article, you can easily find routing numbers of all chase bank branches of California. You just need to go through the article and you will get the correct Chase ca routing number California.

Chase bank Routing Number California

Chase Bank Routing Number California | Chase Routing Number for CA

Now you have decent knowledge about Chase bank routing number then it’s time to know chase bank routing number California. Below we are providing the e routing number CA.

Chase Routing Number CA: 322271627

So this is the routing number you need to make online financial transactions between two different bank accounts and one is of chase bank California branch. California has around 1010 chase locations and all the branches of California have this routing number. Chase bank was acquired by JP Morgan so this routing number is also called as P Morgan chase bank California routing number.


Now, if you want to make a transaction and it is asking for routing number then you can copy the e number and paste it as it is. But be careful while using this chase bank routing number California because of the mistake of a single digit in the number can cost you badly and your transaction can go wrong.

If you are a Texas resident then We suggest you use Chase routing number Texas.

This 9 digit chase routing number of California is used all over the U.S to identify your branch location in California.

If you are interested in knowing chase California routing number then you should understand the at of routing number. Below we are providing the routing number format in detail so that you can understand it.

Chase bank routing number is split into the MICR format, you can understand this format by below image.

chase routing number california

XXXX number in the image represent the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol. Next is YYYY which represent the ABA Institution Identifier and at last, there is C which shows you the check digit.

Didn’t get it? Let’s know more in detail about this format. The first four-digit XXXX is the number which is responsible for Fedwire transfers. The next four digits YYYY identify the institution under which the bank account was opened. Last single digit checks the correctness of the whole code. This is the reason it is called the check digit.

Chase Bank Branches Locations in California

Now when you know the chase bank routing number of California, you may want to know chase bank branch located near your location. There might be numerous reasons to visit the est chase bank branch. Suppose, you want to confirm the chase routing number CA then you can just visit the nearest Chase bank branch and ask them what is the routing number of that particular chase bank branch.

But wondering how you would find nearest chase bank branch? Finding the nearest chase bank branch can be really difficult because chase bank 1010 branches opened in CA. But you don’t need to look for it more. Because you just need to click on below map and it will show you nearest chase bank branch.

We have come up with Chase bank California branch locator. You can use this locator to find nearest chase bank branches and ATMs too. Not only branch locations but also you will get information like office timings etc.

Using this chase bank branch locator you can easily approach your nearest chase bank branch and get your desired information like chase bank routing number. But before clicking on the map, make sure you have signed in your Google account.

You can use this locator easily and get nearest chase bank branches and ATMs. This locator makes your chase bank finding work easy.

Wrapping it UP

So, this was our article on Chase Bank routing number for California. Now you can easily do all your chase bank financial transactions using this chase routing number California. You can also find this routing number of your chase bank account checkbook if you have one. But if you don’t have then you can get in touch with chase bank branch using chase bank branch locator.

In case, if you face regarding chase bank routing number CA then you can comment down and we will see if we can help you.