Chase Routing Number Texas (TX) | Texas Chase Bank Routing Number

Are you having an account in chase bank and looking for chase routing number of Texas? If yes, then your search ends here. You will get chase routing number for TX on this webpage. If you want to make financial transactions between two bank accounts and one account is of chase bank texas branch then you will need chase bank routing number of Texas. This routing number of Texas chase bank branch act as identification of that particular branch.

Chase Routing Number Texas

If you don’t know much about routing numbers then you can check our detailed guide about chase routing numbers. We know that you are looking for chase bank routing number texas, so keep on reading to find out that. You will also get to know, how you can find chase bank locations in Texas.

Chase Bank Routing Number of Texas |Texas Chase Routing Number


So, this is the routing number of chase bank texas branches. You can just copy this code and use it in your financial transactions which includes Texas branches of chase bank. But make sure use this code as it is otherwise you may end up with failed transaction or your money can go in the wrong account.


You can also use Chase bank routing number Georgia if you have a bank account opened in Georgia.

If you want to know in depth about chase routing number texas then here you go. Chase Bank number is split into the MICR format. You can check this format in the below image.

chase routing number tx

Let’s understand this format as well. XXXX represents the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol in this number and YYYY represents the ABA Institution Identifier, C represents the Check Digit.

Let’s know some things about chase bank branches in Texas. Chase bank has 618 branches opened in Texas only. With the help of this much branches, you can easily access chase bank branches which are nearest to you.

Texas Chase Bank Location | Chase Bank Locations Around Texas:

In case, if you want to visit a chase bank branch for any reason like you want to know more about routing numbers then you can easily approach the branch just by following the below-given map. If you click on this map which we have given below and you will get all the details like the address of the nearest desired branch, office timings and also ATM and other branch services.

So, you just need to click on this map if you want to find the desired nearest location of Chase Bank in Texas.

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