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How to Choose the Best Water Softener

I know you are wondering what a water softener is. Many households have the problem of hard water the solution is getting a water softener. The hardness of the water comes from having too many dissolved minerals. Most minerals that are dissolved in the water are calcium and magnesium. Though you cannot taste or even smell this mineral in the water they can be harmful. Depending on the concentration of the minerals it can be annoying or very destructive. The damage of the hard water can be on the sinks, showers, and silverware. Hard water makes it hard to rinse your clothes from detergents and bar soap after washing. When you use hard water the clothes will appear faded and grey. If your skin is dry and itchy it may be due to using hard water for showering. Do not wash your hair with hard water it will end up being limp and dry. The more destructive effects will be on your plumbing system. With the use of your appliances when the water is going down the drain, it will cause a buildup of minerals. over time this will cause the pipes to clog and restrict water flow. Your plumbing system will suffer from this restricted water flow. This is the effects of using hard water in the home. You can determine if you have hard water by having a sample tested by the water testing laboratory. Other substances like nitrates, chlorine, sodium, and dangerous bacteria. Getting a water softener will help to deal with this problem. There are many water softeners that are available in the market so choosing the best will be essential. These tips will help in the choice of a water softener.

There are many water softeners So you should choose the type that works for you. There are four types of water softeners. In the four types of water softeners the ion exchange water softener. The other three are salt-free water softeners, reverse osmosis water softener and the magnetic water softeners. How you want to use the water softener will help in the choice. The whole house water softener takes five stages to soften the water.

the second thing to put into consideration is the size. Size plays a big part in the water softeners ability to soften water. The choice will also be determined by how much water you use per day. Also knowing the level of hardness in the water will help in choosing the right size.

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