Chase Bank Routing Numbers : Find All Correct Chase Routing Numbers

Looking for the correct chase bank routing number? I am sure you are. Well, you are at the right place because on this webpage, I am going to share all the information related to chase bank routing numbers and where you can find chase bank locations and get their services.

Undoubtedly Chase bank is a well-reputed bank in the USA and it is one of the biggest banking service provider in the USA. Chase bank. If we talk about the history of Chase bank then it was formed in 1877 by John Thompson. Earlier it was named as chase Manhattan bank but later on, chase Manhattan bank merged with JP Morgan & Co in the year of 2000. Since then, it is called JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Chase bank headquarter is situated in Manhattan, Newyork city. According to the reports, Chase bank is most used U.S consumer and commercial banking service provider in the world. Not just banking, it also serves financial services and multinational banking services.

Chase bank routing numbers

If you are thinking to get the best baking service in the U.S then you must choose Chase Bank because it is one of the commercial banks which offers the best Nation Wide financial services to its customers. Nearly half of Americans use Chase bank services. Chase bank has 5100 branches and 16000 ATMs across the country which makes the banking very easy. Chase bank account holders can also use chase bank international services in over 100 countries. Thus, chase bank claims them as one of the biggest banks of the United States which is right. Being one of the largest banking service provider, Chase bank has assets of about $ 2.6 trillion.

What is Routing Number?

As you are looking for the chase routing number, it’s good to know about routing number in case if you are not aware of it already. A Routing Number is a nine-digit number or a code is used for the financial transactions. A Routing Number is also known as ABA Number or Transit Number. This code or number can be found at the bottom of your check. Routing Numbers of Chase Bank will be unique for different branches or different areas. This unique code of the Routing Number is required for various transactions such as wire transfers, direct deposits, domestic and international transfers, electronic payments and automatic payments.

A routing number is known as these terms too:

  1. ABA numbers
  2. Check Routing Numbers
  3. Routing Transit Numbers(RTN)

If you want to transfer money online then you would be required to fill RTN in Automated Clearing House(ACH) system. If you don’t know this RTN then you can get it from your monthly bank statements. But make sure you use all the whole number exactly the same as in your bank statements because a mistake of a single number can cause you loss of your money while transacting.

What is Chase Bank Routing Number?

Now, you know about routing number, so let’s know about chase bank routing number as you are looking for it. Like I told you earlier in this post that routing numbers is a nine-digit code. This nine-digit code act as an identification for the Chase bank branch in an area. All the chase bank branch which are located at different regions have all their own chase bank routing number. So, a particular location chase bank branch has a unique routing number. Like Florida state chase banks have their own chase bank routing numbers for Florida.

Suppose, your bank account is in California then you would have to look for the chase bank routing number for Florida. So, you can easily make online transactions or you can use these chase routing numbers for dealing with FedWire fund transfers, making bill payments or initiating direct deposits processed by the Automated Clearing House(ACH). Chase bank routing numbers are not only useful for their customers but also Federal Reserve Banks use these Routing Number to manage other such automated transfers.

How to Find Chase Routing Numbers?

Now, I hope that you have enough information about routing numbers. But how to find the routing number for chase bank for your chase bank branch. If you are about to make a transaction and looking for the chase bank routing numbers then you should keep in mind that it is very important to use correct routing number. Below you can get your right chase routing number by selecting your state.

Select Your State to Find the Chase Bank Routing Number

New Jersey21202337
New York – Downstate21000021
New York – Upstate22300173
West Virginia51900366

Know Chase Bank Routing Numbers using Bank Account Check

Below I am going to explain some easy methods to find the chase routing number for your chase bank branch. If you have a bank account opened in Chase bank then you can easily find your chase bank routing number for your branch in personal bank account check which was issued when you opened the bank account. Get your checkbook and look at the bottom of your checkbook. You will see three different numbers printed there.

The first number which is printed on the bottom is the routing number. This routing number is enclosed by the symbol “|:”. Next number on the bottom is bank account number and at last check serial number is there. I have shown an image of a checkbook below mentioned all these three numbers. So, that you won’t have any difficulty to find your chase bank routing number for your branch.

chase routing numbers

Saw this image closely? Routing Number of this bank account is “123456789”. Next, to this routing number, there is a bank account number which is “987654321”. This nine-digit number identifies your bank account number. On the right bottom, it has 4 digit number which is a check number. This check number is different for all different checks.

But note that this is just an example we have shown. it can differ in your case but this is very rare.

So, now you can easily find routing number of your chase bank branch by using your personal bank account check if you have access to it.

Find Chase Routing Numbers by Using Online Bank

In case, if you have not the checkbook of your personal bank account number or you are doing some transaction from another bank account to chase bank account which needs to chase RTN then you can find routing number by internet banking if you have one.

If you have chase bank net banking activated and don’t know how to find chase routing number through it then you need to follow below steps which are very simple.

  • Open chase bank netbanking site on your system and login using your net banking ID and password.
  • After successful login, open My accounts tab and open Account Details Page.
  • Now, look for the account information section there.
  • Here, you can find your routing number.

Voila, you have successfully found the right routing number of your chase bank branch. But wait, there are some other more easy ways too to find chase bank routing number. I have described them below. Keep on reading to know them.

Using Chase Bank Mobile App

If you want more convenience while finding the routing number for your chase bank branch then you can also use Chase bank mobile app. You just need to download Chase bank mobile banking app then log in using your credentials. Now, you need to check the account summary to know your bank routing number.

Bank Monthly Statements

If you have opted for net banking then you would have to receive your bank account statements which chase bank send every month right in your mail. You can keep the track of all the transactions which you make in your account. If you want to find chase bank routing number then you need to open bank account statement mail and check the top right corner of it. You can see your account number here. You can know chase bank routing number in your account number which is starting from the 3rd or 4th digit.

Chase Bank Routing Numbers List

I have made a list of routing numbers for various specific regions. You can look for your region and then copy the routing number of your region to make transactions. The following are the Routing Number of Chase Bank. More can be found here.

Chase Bank Branch Locator

Are you looking for the nearest Chase bank branch and not able to find it? As there are many branches of Chase Bank it is difficult to find the one near to your location. Do not worry, here we are providing the easiest way to find the Chase Bank or ATM near to your location.

How to Find Nearest Chase Bank Branch Location?

If you want to find chase bank branch location in your area then you only need to go to the chase bank branch locator website. You can click on the below button to go to the locator website. Once the website is opened then you just need to enter your zip code. You can also enter your address, city, and state in order to find Chase bank branch. And then, click on the search button and you will get chase bank branch location nearby you.

Find Chase Bank Branch

If you don’t know your city’s zip code then you can find it here or you can just turn on your phone’s GPS location and you will get the nearest ATM.

In case, if you want to find chase bank branch statewise then you have an option on this locator page called Browse by State. Click on that and a list of all the states will appear. You can click on the state of which you want to find chase bank branch. After that, you will get a list of all the cities of that state which have Chase bank branches and ATMs. Now, you can click on your desired city and then you will have all the branches and ATMs in that city.

See? It’s that easy. You can easily find any chase bank branch location by this method.

Chase Bank Routing Number Florida

If we talk about Florida state then it’s on 8th position of the most densely populated state of the United States. Chase bank has around 401 branches in this state. If you have a Chase bank account in Florida then you can find Chase routing number for Florida and use it to make financial transactions online which is 267084131.

Chase Bank Routing Number Washington

If you are living in Washington and looking for routing number of chase bank branch then you can find the chase routing number Washington easily. Chase routing number for Florida is 325070760. Washington has 8 million population, so the number of Chase bank account holders are also huge in this state.

How Chase Bank Routing Number Works?

As we discussed earlier, routing numbers are used to identify the financial institution on which money was drawn. And, most of the transaction types where these routing numbers are used are ACH and wire transfers. Few banks and credit unions may have multiple routing numbers serving different purposes, geographical regions or branches. Therefore, you must make sure that you are using the correct routing number before initiating the money transfer. Routing numbers were originally created by the ABA in 1910 and since then they are used for making secure transactions. Also, routing numbers make the check processing easier.

For making a transaction through routing number, all you need to do is providing the Routing Number of your bank to the person whoever asking it. The routing numbers are printed on check using magnetic ink, which allows special machines to read the nine-digit code more easily. The routing number is analyzed carefully. The ninth digit is considered as check digit which provides a checksum test using a position-weighted sum of each of the digits. High-speed check-sorting equipment will typically verify the checksum and if it fails, route the item to a reject pocket for manual examination, repair, and re-sorting. Thus, Mis-routings to an incorrect bank is greatly reduced.

Chase Bank Customer Service Number

Chase bank Customer Service Number

Chase bank claims that it is one of the biggest banking service provider in the U.S, so they believe in customer satisfaction and provide the best customer service. This is the reason that they have made it so far and became this large banking service provider.

Chase bank has various services and offers various products to their customers like credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs, prepaid cards, car buying and loans, Mortgage and home equity, investing, commercial banking and so on.

In case, chase bank customers want to get in touch with the chase bank representative or want any other assistance related to banking then they can just dial chase bank customer service number. You need to follow IVR instructions on the call carefully and you will be able to get all the information on phone call only. Below, we have provided the Customer Service Number of Chase Bank for both US residents and Non-US residents.

  • For US Residents: 1-800-242-7338 
  • For Non-US Residents: 1-713-262-3300

For more details, you can visit the official website of Chase Bank.

Chase Bank SWIFT/BIC Code And IBAN Number:

If you want to know chase bank SWIFT code or BIC code then you can get it here. First, let me tell you that SWIFT is a short form of “Society For Worldwide International  Financial Telecommunication“. It is used for securely send and receive money transactions and other financial information’s within 1-2 business days around the world.

All banks have their own unique code. This code is called SWIFT codes, some bank calls it as BIC(Bank Identifier Code). If you know the correct chase bank SWIFT code then you can easily do international wire transfers to any bank account or to chase bank account.

if we talk about the digits of SWIFT code then it consists of 8-11 alpha-numeric characters.  Swift code for chase bank is CHASUS33. So, if you want to do an international wire transaction then you can use this SWIFT code.

If you want to send money to a chase bank internationally then you need to know the correct postal address of your bank.

Don’t know what is IBAN number? It’s “International Bank Account Number” which is the international code. This code identifies the account holder’s country, their bank and account number.

What is the difference between Chase Bank Routing Number, SWIFT/BIC Code, and  IBAN:

Confused between these three numbers? Let us clear your confusion.

  • SWIFT Code is used when an international transaction takes place and it identifies that the specific bank which is being used for that transaction.
  • IBAN is used to identify an individual account on both the incoming and outgoing ends of the transfer.
  • Chase bank routing number is a unique number provided to all bank branches in a particular location.

So, We hope that you have got all the information regarding chase bank numbers, for which you came here. You can ask us in the comment section if you have any doubt or query regarding chase bank routing numbers.