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There are many sports that many take part in but we shall discuss three; dodge ball, netball and basketball. For us to discuss these sports we need to know first how these games are played. Dodge ball will be the first game we define, in his game the play or way to win is to ;one, eliminate the players on the opposing team by hitting the with a ball which they often call a ‘live throw ball’.

The second play is if the opponent team throws the ball at you, you can catch the ball, by doing this the opponent team loses and is immediately leaves the court. You may also win one over the opponent team they fail to keep a hold on the ball they had originally caught or if the ball falls after being hit by a defense ball. Since you have familiarized yourself on how to eliminate you opponents which is how to score you also need to know about the duration that this game takes, each halve has a duration of twenty minutes this depends on the number of rests taken so it may end up varying.

The game also is played indoors. The teams needs six players including a woman and a man which is compulsory. Then there is netball, it is a little alike to playing dodge ball in some ways but with this you don’t throw the ball to hit someone else you just hit the ball over the net. In netball safety is of great importance, that is why we shall discuss how you can securely get good at this game still in a safe bubble. on the plus side there are ways for keeping safe while playing this enjoyable sport.

to ensure this you need to train properly, this means that you train according the instructions given since there is no need to get injuries even before the actual game that is why you need to take care of you muscles and bones. to make it in this sport you need to have a good team that is reliable and a coach that is invested in your team. The next game which is basketball needs a few guidelines if you may need to succeed.

you need to read very many playbooks so as to understand the game. Two , you have to watch as many videos of the basketball games as possible. Practice is three, play the game to know the game and keep your focus and determination in check.

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