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Using DNA Sequencing for Microbial Analysis

The study of microbial biology has been a focal discipline in the world for some time now. Microbials are harmful to humans in most cases hence making microbial biology to be a very important discipline. Bacteria, yeast and even molds can be harmful to human beings either directly or indirectly. It is required to analyze them using special methods since identifying them is not easy. It is nowadays easier to identify microbials due to innovative measures that have been brought forward.

One of the tools that is vital in identification of microbials is the use of DNA sequencing. DNA sequencing entails careful study and analysis of genes in a bid to narrow down and find the specific microbials. Most microbiologists the world over use computer software while doing DNA sequencing in a bid to identify microbials. In crowded pools of organisms, computer software can allow for easy identification of a specific microbial. The accuracy of the results produced using software is also high and reliable.

Many laboratories in the world do microbial identification in different ways. For instance, MIDI Labs uses gene sequencing using a specific software. They follow easy steps that can be followed easily. The first thing is the acceptance of carefully-packaged samples from customers. This is followed by extraction of genomic DNA from the organism in question.

Extraction of the genomic DNA is followed by the arrangement of the strands in a double-stranded manner. This is accomplished using fluorescent sequencing chemistry. Only the most modern chemistry is used here in the arrangement of DNA strands. It is at this point that the compiled raw sequences data files are organized into consensus sequences. They are then analyzed using any available software that can deliver good results. The favorite one for most people is Sherlock DNA Software.

The consensus sequencing that is done leads to the generation of identification reports. The software to be used should be one with many functions. Apart from genotype analysis, the software should be able to handle more tasks. Provision of taxonomy and having an expanded library are some of the advantages of using Sherlock DNA Software in particular. This simplifies the microbial identification process and actually expedites it.

To get great results when it comes to microbial identification, get assistance from the best labs around. The microbiologists in the lab should be very experienced. The best results will then be delivered courtesy of the experience. Having a good software that is well recognized in the world is also an added advantage. With such software, you will feel very confident with the results. The last thing is to ensure that you will get your work in good time. Most labs can deliver in a matter of days.

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